Psychoanalysis and Religion in the 21st Century: Competitors or Collaborators?

Editor : David M. Black

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Psychoanalysis and Religion in the 21st Century: Competitors or Collaborators?

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : January 2006
  • Cover : Paperback
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  • Catalogue No : 23693
  • ISBN 13 : 9780415379441
  • ISBN 10 : 041537944X
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Freud described religion as the universal obsessional neurosis, and uncompromisingly rejected it in favour of 'science'. Ever since, there has been the assumption that psychoanalysts are hostile to religion. Yet, from the beginning, individual analysts have questioned Freud's blanket rejection of religion. In this book, David Black brings together contributors from a wide range of schools and movements to discuss the issues. They bring a fresh perspective to the subject of religion and psychoanalysis, answering vital questions such as: How do religious stories carry (or distort) psychological truth? How do religions 'work' psychologically? What is the nature of religious experience? Are there parallels between psychoanalysis and particular religious traditions?

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Psychoanalysis and Religion in the 21st Century will be of great interest to psychoanalysts, psychoanalytic therapists, psychodynamic counsellors, and anyone interested in the issues surrounding psychoanalysis, religion, theology and spirituality.

Full Contributors:
David M. Black, Rachel B. Blass, Rodney Bomford, Ronald Britton, Malcom Cunningham, M. Fakhry Davids, Mark Epstein, Stephen Frosh, Francis Grier, David Millar, Micheal Parsons, Jeffrey Rubin, Neville Symington, Kenneth Wright

Introduction - David M. Black. Part One. The possibility of religious truth. Beyond illusion: psychoanalysis and the question of religious truth - Rachel B. Blass. "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's": speculations on the interface between psychoanalysis and religion - M. Fakhry Davids. 'Positions' as grades of consciousness: the case for a contemplative position - David M. Black. Part Two. Religious stories that tell psychological truth. Emancipation from the superego: a clinical study of the Book of Job - Ronald Britton. The Christmas story: a psychoanalytic enquiry - David Millar. Part Three. The nature and functioning of religious experiences. Ways of transformation - Michael Parsons. Psychoanalysis and spirituality - Jeffrey B. Rubin. Reflections on the phenomenon of adoration in relationships, both human and divine - Francis Grier. Preverbal experience and the intuition of the sacred - Kenneth Wright. Religion: the guarantor of civilization - Neville Symington. Part Four. Echoes between psychoanalysis and specific religious traditions. Psychoanalysis and Judaism - Stephen Frosh. The structure of no-structure: Winnicott's concept of unintegration and the Buddhist notion of no-self - Mark Epstein. Vedanta and psychoanalysis - Malcom Cunningham. A Simple Question? - Rodney Bomford

About the Editor(s)

David M. Black is a Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, and works as a psychoanalyst in private practice and teaches on a number of professional trainings. He has published widely on psychoanalysis in relation to religion, consciousness and values.

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