Critical Essays on the Drive: Lacanian Theory and Practice

Editor : Dan Collins, Editor : Eve Watson

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Critical Essays on the Drive: Lacanian Theory and Practice

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : June 2024
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 304
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    Lacanian Psychoanalysis
  • Catalogue No : 97673
  • ISBN 13 : 9781032292496
  • ISBN 10 : 1032292490
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This thorough text provides a complete overview of the drive in Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Divided into four key areas, the book considers clinical, theoretical, historical, and cultural aspects of the drive, with editorial headnotes throughout. The introduction to the collection provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and history of the drive as a concept and is followed by discussion of clinical cases. Critical Essays on the Drive then assesses theoretical aspects, with chapters by world-leading Lacanian scholars. The final parts of the book explore the history of drive theory and its impact on art and culture, debunking the notion that the drive is a dormant or defunct concept and considering its applications by artists, academics, and cultural theorists.

Critical Essays on the Drive will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists in practice and in training. It will also be of great interest to academics and scholars of psychoanalytic and Lacanian theory, critical theory, and cultural theory.

Reviews and Endorsements

Lacan famously singled out Freud’s notion of the drive as one of the fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis, whereby he went so far as to argue that every human drive is effectively a death drive. Thanks to Lacan’s revisionist ‘return to Freud’, the drive has now become an indispensable conceptual tool for scholars and researchers in the humanities and social sciences, but this proliferation of the drive has often coincided with a lack of critical reflection on its status and function in the human mind. In this superb collection of essays, the authors truly advance our knowledge and understanding of the drive, both by teasing out lingering inconsistencies in its conceptualisation and by reaching out beyond its conventional figurations in psychoanalysis. Enlightening and exhilarating, this book puts the drive back in the driving seat and invites its readership to be driven by its drift. Whoever takes on the challenge may not feel safe,but will undoubtedly emerge from the experience with a renewed sense of vitality.
Dany Nobus, Psychoanalyst, Brunel University London, UK

This collection of powerful, thought-provoking essays—adroitly brought together by Dan Collins and Eve Watson—sheds considerable light on the concept of the drive in psychoanalysis in all its thorny complexity. Leading us at times almost to the point of feeling that Freud’s accounts of it are so confused and/or self-contradictory that we might wish to jettison it altogether, the subtle explorations of facets of the drive included here convince us, in the end, of its continued usefulness in psychoanalytic practice, as regards activities as fundamental as breathing, speaking, looking, eating, and defecating. The case studies provided in the later chapters beautifully illustrate the continued clinical relevance of distinguishing between drive and desire. À lire sans modération!
Bruce Fink, Lacanian Psychoanalyst

This book is a delight. Robust critical intelligences are brought to bear on what has been so often, a dry and uninviting topic. Lacan himself has described the problematic form, bristling with questions which characterized the introduction and subsequent elaborations of the drive by Freud and Freudians. Here however, instead of pious iterations of canonical statements by both Freud and Lacan, these are pulverized, to be on some occasions set aside, on others broken open to reveal new directions for psychoanalytic thinking. These directions are wide-ranging, challenging, and in no way conducive to any kind of summative orthodoxy. Also welcome is the fact that throughout this weighty volume, abstract discussion is balanced by chapters that evoke the immediacy and concreteness of the experiences through which the drives become uniquely encoded for each human subject. Readable and invigorating, this book will be of particular insight to psychoanalysts in search of innovative thinking.
Olga Cox Cameron, Psychoanalyst, Dublin

Lacan was never very fond of the concept, which is why we urgently needed this book with its wonderful collection of essays that explore the many Lacanian transformations of Freud's drive theory.
Stijn Vanheule, Psychoanalyst, Ghent University, Belgium

Table of Contents

Dan Collins and Eve Watson

1. Introduction: Debunking the Drive
Dan Collins

The History of the Drive
2. On the Very German-ness of Freud's Trieb
Rolf Flor

3. Freud's Third Step: On Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Marco Antonio Coutinho Jorge

4. Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle and the Death Drive: A Concise Overview
Chris Vanderwees

5. Ex-Pulsion: On the History of Lay Analysis and Gay Analysts in the United States
Ona Nierenberg

6. The Nameless Drive
Alain Vanier

The Theory of the Drive
7. Problems with Drive Theory
Darian Leader

8. The Drive as Speech
Dan Collins

9. La Vie en Rose: On the Drive, Between Life and Death
Paola Mieli

10. Agitations and Cuts of Our Dark Ally
Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez

11. The Skin as the Source of the Dermic Drive: Modes of Dermic Punctuation in the Containment of Meaning
Leon Brenner

12. The Respiratory Drive: Psychoanalysis's Ground Zero
Jamieson Webster and Patricia Gherovici

13. And Yet It Moves
Bice Benvenuto

14. The Look and the Drive
Dan Collins

15. The Voice and Its Drive
Eve Watson

16. On Self-Relating Negativity: The Lacanian Death Drive
Derek Hook

The Drive in the Clinic, Culture and Art
17. Beyond the Breach: Drive in the Case of a Traumatic Neurosis
Kristen Hennessy

18. Where the Image Falls: The Drive of the Living Body in Analysis
Kate Briggs

19. The Liminal and the (Oral) Drive: Neurotic Tensions and Neo-liberal Recuperations
Carol Owens and Stephanie Swales

20. The Drive as Montage: Freud, Lacan, Moths, and Poetry
Annie G. Rogers

About the Editor(s)

Dan Collins is a founding member of Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups, an organization that promotes clinical Lacanian psychoanalysis through its conferences and events. He lives and teaches in Buffalo, NY, USA.

Eve Watson works in Dublin as a psychoanalytic practitioner, clinical supervisor and academic. She is involved in teaching and training in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and teacher education. She writes on psychoanalysis, sexuality studies, critical psychology, poetics, film and critical theory.

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