Rosemary Rizq

Rosemary Rizq is a psychologist chartered with the British Psychological Society, an HCPC-registered counselling psychologist and a UKCP-accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She has worked extensively in the NHS as a psychologist and psychotherapist, authoring numerous papers on organizational dynamics as well as on psychotherapeutic training and clinical practice. She is currently professor of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton, with a part-time private practice in West London. She is co-editor of The Industrialisation of Care

From Fiction to Psychoanalysis: Reimagining a Relationship

From Fiction to Psychoanalysis: Reimagining a Relationship

by Rosemary Rizq

  • Paperback £24.99

How can reading literary fiction shed light on the way we speak ourselves within psychoanalysis? Rather than offering psychoanalytic insights into literature, Rosemary Rizq, a practicing psychologist... (more)

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