Breathing as a Tool for Self-Regulation and Self-Reflection

Author(s) : Minna Martin, Author(s) : Maila Seppa, Author(s) : Paivi Lehtinen, Author(s) : Tiina Toro, Translator : Hilkka Salmen

Breathing as a Tool for Self-Regulation and Self-Reflection

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‘We live in an era of increasing human population, hence of globalisation and climate change. The individual faces increasing uncertainties and changes in living conditions. Therefore, options for self-regulation are welcome. This book describes the possibilities and effects of an approach to psychophysical integration, using breathing, developed over forty years. Psychophysical integration means that we inhabit a living body but also live in our mentally constructed reality. The two realities tend to split, but when they integrate we become more resilient, realistic and adaptive beings. Breathing is a proper tool to this end: it is not only a vital biological function; it is also part of posture and movement, and also instrumental in our self-awareness. We receive feedback on ourselves from it, but may also partially regulate our breathing. Readers will benefit from the insights offered in this book.’
--Jan van Dixhoorn, Director of the Centre for Breathing Therapy, Netherlands, and associate editor of the International Journal of Stress Management

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