The V-Spot: Healing the Vulnerable Spot from Emotional Abuse

Author(s) : Joan Lachkar

The V-Spot: Healing the Vulnerable Spot from Emotional Abuse

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Everyone knows what the "G-spot" is, of course. It is a woman's most sensitive and vulnerable physical area. Although men do not have a G-spot per se, both men and women have what Joan Lachkar calls a "V-spot" - a concentration of highly charged emotional sensitivities emanating from early childhood experiences that remain raw and unhealed. These experiences might involve the parent who abandoned the child at an early age, the mother who smothered the child with too much affection, or the child who was neglected and never touched or soothed. Another source can be a parent or caretaker who drills the message into the child, "You're not good enough, not deserving enough, too demanding", etc. For men it could be an emotionally castrating, controlling, dominating, overbearing mother. Many authors have written and talked about emotional abuse, but until "The V-Spot" no one has given this area of volcanic emotion a name or has written about it in terms accessible to layman and professional alike. Getting in contact with the V-spot is the only way to break away from emotional abuse and begin the healing process. No other book pinpoints not only what ignites the V-spot but also how and why the resulting affect-explosion interferes with judgment, reality, thinking, and perception. The reader will be astonished to discover how tracing the source of one's V-spot strengthens one's capacity to make complex decisions and lessens the repetitive cycle of pain, anxiety, confusion, and turmoil that blindness to one's V-spot can produce.

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Special Features
-presents an entirely new conceptual way of addressing what is in psychodynamic terms known as the "archaic injury".
-offers treatment procedures and techniques for couples who are in emotionally abusive relationships.
-extends beyond marital therapy to political and cross-cultural areas, beyond couples to relationships between businesses, siblings, neighbors, etc.
-illustrates how contact with a couple's V-spot emotionally empowers and enriches the therapeutic process.
-demontrates in clear language the elaborate and idiosyncratic process of healing from emotional abuse.

About the Author
Joan Lachkar, Ph.D., a psychoanalyst in private practice in California, is the author of "The Many Faces of Abuse: Treating the Emotional Abuse of High-Functioning Women", "The Narcissistic/Borderline Couple: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Marital Treatment", and numerous publications on marital and political conflict. She is an affiliate member of the Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute, and adjunct professor at Mount Saint Mary's College, and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Emotional Abuse.

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