The Therapist's Cat

Author(s) : Stephanie Sorrell

The Therapist's Cat

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Also by Stephanie Sorrell

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This is a poignant, charming and amusing fiction story that raises very moral questions about our interaction with animals and how this may impact on us at a later date. Psychotherapist Pete Shepherd's life is changed dramatically when his new girlfriend, Emmie, presents him with a kitten called Moo. Not particularly fond of cats, he is about to take Moo into an animal rescue centre when he discovers that she can both speak his language and read his thoughts. Moo has a mission: to educate Pete about the very dire state of the animal kingdom due to humanity's mistreatment and mishandling of animals. Gradually she begins to educate Pete on animal evolution that is strange, fascinating and rather disturbing if this is true. Apparently, a race of animal beings, known as the Nasym, have forced their way into the human evolutionary chain in order to escape the cruelty. Moo's deepest fear is of becoming human and losing her fur; because a life without the qualities of fur is unbearable and also what she believes to be humanity's fundamental problem.

About the Author(s)

Stephanie Sorrell has an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology and trained as an Applied Practitioner at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. She also works at an NHS hospital in Cumbria.

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Wayne Calico on 02/01/2013 15:31:24

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This is a cracker of a tail, or tale, about a cat who knows more about what is going on in the therapy room than the therapist himself. The story is superb, authentic, funny and sad in places. It is also therapeutic and gives an insight into the psychic barometer going on in the animal kingdom at this critical time.

Dave Wilson on 12/11/2012 20:57:21

Rating1Rating2Rating3Rating4Rating5 (5 out of 5)

A cracker of a read. Impossible to put down - about a psychotherapist's cat who knows more about what is going on in the therapy room than the therapist does. But also poignant and skilful insight into our relationship with animals and how this may impact us at a later date.
This is written by the same author as Depression as a spiritual Journey and Psychosynthesis Made Easy.

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