Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 5 Number 2

Author(s) : David E. Scharff M.D.

Part of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China series - more in this series

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 5 Number 2

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David E. Scharff


Containment and father image transformation in treating the family of an adolescent Chinese boy

Song Rui and Fang Fang

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.167

Working with primitive mental states in couples

Timothy Keogh

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.179

Reverse frustrating object in couples

Wu Hao

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.190

A psychodynamic case formulation of a woman with an unresolved oedipal conflict: an analysis with a cultural perspective

Hou Puqing and Zhang Tianbu

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.206


Symbolic castration and symbolic parricide: is the Oedipus complex under Chinese culture resolved?

Zheng Yu

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.216

The intersubjective “tug of war” in parent–child relationships

Wei Zhang

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.235

Integrity or integration: an essay on a very Chinese dilemma

Huan Wang

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.256


Theoretical and cultural aspects of the development of family therapy in China

Jiajia Wu, Feng Yao, and Xudong Zhao

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.262

Research report: Dreaming in Inner Mongolia: Northern rural Chinese folk models of dream interpretation

William Jankowiak

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.276

Discussion: “Dreaming in Inner Mongolia: Northern rural Chinese folk models of dream interpretation” by William Jankowiak

Robi Friedman

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v5n2.2022.286


Book review: The Conflict Behind the Conflict – Interpreting the Oedipal Triangle within Us by Zhang Tianbu

Reviewed by Shu Wenting

Announcement: The Chinese translation of the Freud Lectures: A new publication on the IPA website

Tomas Plaenkers

Freud Chinese Translation Project (FCTP)

Tomas Plaenkers

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