Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 3 Number 2

Author(s) : David E. Scharff M.D.

Part of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China series - more in this series

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 3 Number 2

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Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp and David E. Scharff

Mother, infant and father: development and gender in a cross-cultural dialogue

Frances Thomson-Salo

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.173

The female element, primary identification, and creation in environment in contemporary China—relating and isolating

Wang Qian

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.181

Mary’s progress towards feminine identification in psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Yang Yunping

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.198

The Shidu women – the historical, cultural personality characteristic in their psychodynamic process of grief

Jia Xiaoming & Yang Nan

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.211

The abortion of female foetus and the killing of new-born girls in China – the power of unconscious phantasies

Alf Gerlach

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.221

Mother-child relationships at the Mosuo

Maya Nadig

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.230

Changing family and marital structure in China

David E. Scharff

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.244

China’s women’s autonomy: parenthood as choice

Shelly Volsche and William Jankowiak

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.255

Factors that influence fertility intentions of Chinese youth: a discussion of issues raised by Volsche and Jankowiak’s “Chinese women’s autonomy: parenthood as a choice”

Song Rui

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.267

Active imagination, extraversion, cross-culture: Guan Yin and Chinese divination

Marta Tibaldi

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.278

Gender, family, and intergenerational transmission of traumatisation

Sverre Varvin

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.290

Love, maternal love, romantic love, depressive love: a psychoanalytic perspective

Maria Teresa Savio Hooke

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.297

Subtle forms of developmental trauma in the young child: attachment, the unconscious, and trauma

Beth I. Kalish

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.307

Children in World War II—”German elderly psychoanalysts remember”

Gertraud Schlesinger-Kipp

DOI 10.33212/ppc.v3n2.2020.315


Intimate Relationships in China in the Light of Depth Psychology: A Study of Gender and Integrity by Huan Wang

Reviewed by Zhou Dangwei

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