Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide

Editor : Paula L. Ellman, Editor : Nancy R. Goodman

Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma, and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 2017
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 240
  • Category :
  • Category 2 :
    Trauma and Violence
  • Catalogue No : 40322
  • ISBN 13 : 9781138955011
  • ISBN 10 : 1138955019

Also by Nancy R. Goodman

Also by Paula L. Ellman

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Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide demonstrates that the concept of the unconscious is profoundly relevant for understanding the mind, psychic pain and traumatic human suffering. Paula L. Ellman, and Nancy R. Goodman (editors) established the book to discover how symbolization takes place through the finding of unconscious fantasy in ways that mend the historic split between trauma and fantasy. Cases present the dramatic encounters between patient and therapist when confronting discovery of the unconscious in the presence of trauma and body pain, along with narrative. Unconscious fantasy has a central role in both clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis. This volume is a guide to the workings of the dyad and the therapeutic action of finding unconscious meanings. Staying close to the clinical engagement of analyst and patient shows the transformative nature of the finding process as the dyad works with all aspects of the unconscious mind.

Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide uses the immediacy of clinical material to show how trauma becomes known in the 'here and now' of enactment processes and accompanies the more symbolized narratives of transference and countertransference. This book features contributions from a rich variety of theoretical traditions illustrating working models including Klein, Arlow, and Bion, and from leaders in the fields of narrative, trauma and psychosomatics. Whether working with narrative, trauma or body pain, unconscious fantasy may seem out of reach. Attending to the analyst/patient process of finding the derivatives of unconscious fantasy offers a potent roadmap for the way psychoanalytic engagement uncovers deep layers of the mind.

In focusing on the places of trauma and psychosomatic concreteness, along with narrative, Finding Unconscious Fantasy in Narrative, Trauma and Body Pain: A Clinical Guide shows the vitality of finding unconscious fantasy and its effect in initiating a symbolizing process. Chapters in this book bring to life the sufferings and capacities of individual patients with actual verbatim process material demonstrating how therapists and patients discover and uncover the derivatives of unconscious fantasy. Finding the unconscious meanings in states of trauma, body expressions and transference/countertransference enactments becomes part of the therapeutic dialogue between therapists and patients unraveling symptoms and allowing transformations. Learning how therapeutic work progresses to uncover unconscious fantasy will benefit all therapists and students of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy interested to know more about the psychoanalytic dialogue.

About the Editor(s)

Paula L. Ellman, PhD, ABPP, FIPA, is a training and supervising analyst in the Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS) and the IPA. She is the institute director of the Washington Program of the Contemporary Freudian Society, in addition to being on the permanent faculty. She is a diplomate in psychoanalysis certified by the American Board of Psychoanalysis in Psychology (ABPsaP) and assistant clinical professor of psychology at The George Washington University Center for Professional Psychology. She has held the following positions: Chair, Central Concepts Psychotherapy Training Program, Washington School of Psychiatry, Washington, DC; Member-at-large, Board of Directors of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies of the IPA (CIPS). She has written and presented in the areas of femininity and female psychology, listening, enactment, terror, and sadomasochism. She has a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in North Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC.

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Nancy R. Goodman, PhD, is a training and supervising analyst with the Contemporary Freudian Society, Washington DC Program and the IPA. She is interested in unconscious fantasy, witnessing of individual and mass trauma, enactments, and psychoanalysis and film. She is the leader of a CIPS study group on enactments. Her most recent publications include: The Power of Witnessing: Reflections, Reverberations, and Traces of the Holocaust—Trauma Psychoanalysis, and the Living Mind (co-editor/writer with Marilyn B. Meyers), 'Enactment: Opportunity for Symbolising Trauma' (Ellman & Goodman) in Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Concrete Experience (ed. A. Frosch), as well as being editor of Psychoanalysis: Listening to Understand--Collected Papers of Arlene Kramer Richards. She maintains a psychoanalytic practice in Bethesda, MD.

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