Collected Works of C.G. Jung: The First Complete English Edition of the Works of C.G. Jung

Author(s) : C.G. Jung, Editor : Gerhard Adler, Editor : Michael Fordham, Editor : Sir Herbert Read

Collected Works of C.G. Jung: The First Complete English Edition of the Works of C.G. Jung

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : January 1973
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 10910
  • Category :
    Jung and Analytical Psychology
  • Catalogue No : 96116
  • ISBN 13 : 9781138916036
  • ISBN 10 : 113891603X

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The Collected Works of C. G. Jung is a multi-volume work containing the writings of psychiatrist Carl Jung. Contains revised versions of works previously published, works not previously translated, and new translations of virtually all of Jung's writings. Prior to his death he supervised the textual revision. Several of the volumes are extensively illustrated; each contains an index and most a bibliography.


Volume 1: Psychiatric Studies

Volume 2: Experimental Researches

Volume 3: Psychogenesis of Mental Disease

Volume 4: Freud and Psychoanalysis

Volume 5: Symbols of Transformation

Volume 6: Psychological Types

Volume 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

Volume 8: Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche

Volume 9/1: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Volume 9/2: Aion

Volume 10: Civilisation in Transition

Volume 11: Psychology and Religion

Volume 12: Psychology and Alchemy

Volume 13: Alchemical Studies

Volume 14: Mysterium Coniunctionis

Volume 15: The Spirit of Man in Art and Literature

Volume 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy

Volume 17: The Development of Personality

Volume 18: The Symbolic Life

Volume 19: Bibliography

Volume 20: Index

The Zofingia Lectures (supplementary volume A)

Psychology of the Unconscious (supplementary volume B)

About the Author(s)

C. G. Jung (1875 - 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, innovative thinker and founder of Analytical Psychology, whose most influential ideas include the concept of psychological archetypes, the collective unconscious, and synchronicity. He is the author of numerous works, including Memories, Dreams, Reflections and Man and His Symbols.

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