Blue Diamond Healing: Exploring Transpersonal and Transdimensional Aspects of Energy Psychotherapy

Author(s) : Phil Mollon

Blue Diamond Healing: Exploring Transpersonal and Transdimensional Aspects of Energy Psychotherapy

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  • Publisher : Karnac Books
  • Published : May 2022
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 300
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    Individual Psychotherapy
  • Catalogue No : 96169
  • ISBN 13 : 9781913494636
  • ISBN 10 : 1913494632
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Blue Diamond healing, a development from energy psychotherapy, is the result of Phil Mollon’s many years spent exploring the deeper patterns in the human subtle energy system, working beyond the more familiar meridians and chakras. The ‘Blue Diamond’ functions as an energy centre allowing access to higher dimensions that therapists can draw upon to heal the problematic patterns at lower dimensions. Positive effects are achieved more quickly and easily by working from these higher levels, facilitating healing, emotional self-regulation and calming of the nervous system.

In Blue Diamond Healing, Mollon provides a hypothetical map of dimensional levels and structures, combining psychology, physics, metaphysics, cosmology, and spirituality, all in one far-reaching framework. The book provides a sophisticated but concise outline of energy psychotherapy and the place of the Blue Diamond within it, including sections on best practice and the ethical aspects of this unique and powerful healing method.

Reviews and Endorsements

For decades, Phil Mollon has been one of the most thoughtful and well-grounded voices within the field of energy psychology. So when Dr. Mollon says he is dabbling with powerful healing forces you’ve never heard of, it’s worth a listen. And this book is so much more than just a listen, laying out a new take on the higher dimensions of human experience, integrating it with established psychological principles, and pointing to its implications for your life and practice.
David Feinstein, Ph.D. co-author of The Promise of Energy Psychology

Dr. Mollon’s book has accomplished integrating the cutting edge of psychotherapy and clinical psychology with the advanced evolving world of physics and the quantum world. He has accomplished a work of genius that will be understood to be the dawning of a new age of psychotherapy and all that come with this shift in perspective...
Dr. Richard Sherry, Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Phil Mollon’s Blue Diamond Healing intertwines esoteric science and myth, alongside startling realities of multidimensional consciousness and related phenomenon. Meet sparkling arcs of cosmic dancing landscapes and more, as the infinite creative process of love lives itself. Precious divinely sourced gifts of healing from energy psychology are bestowed with clear instructions to release hidden and nefarious binds. Immerse and radically transform yourself in heavenly light and wisdom, by accessing ultimate source through the Blue Diamond.
Lori Chortkoff Hops, Ph.D. DCEP, President of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

This ground-breaking book offers insight into a wonderful energy psychology approach, Blue Diamond Healing. You can use the method to work with clients and with your own issues quickly and easily. You can also delve deeper into the book to reflect more on the nature of the universe and the wonder of how it may be organised. I highly recommend this book for energy therapists and anyone interested in spiritual development.
Dr. Sarah Marzillier, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Preliminary Notes and Six Postulates

1. Introduction
2. What is the Blue Diamond?
3. The spinning fields
4. The parallel self
5. Shamanic spaces: aberrant energies, parasitic formations and predators of the soul
6. Deeper energetic structures
7. A note on the dark side
8. The negative ego and false identity
9. A review of energy psychology and the place of the Blue Diamond within it
10. Ethics of Blue Diamond work

Appendix A List of techniques
Appendix B Thoughts and emotions associated with each acutapping point
Appendix C Additional principles of healing

About the Author(s)

Phil Mollon, PhD, is a psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, and energy psychotherapist. He is well-known as a writer and speaker on topics including shame, trauma, dissociation, self-psychology, and EMDR – and has pioneered the development of Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy. With 40 years of clinical experience, in both the British National Health Service and private practice, he has explored many different approaches, always seeking better ways of helping those who are troubled with mental health problems. His work remains rooted in psychoanalysis, whilst also incorporating neurobiological, cognitive, and energetic perspectives.

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