Kay Souter

Kay Souter is a literary critic and educator, and has taught English literature at universities in Australia for over thirty years. For the last seven years, she has worked as Associate Dean Academic at La Trobe University, and has recently moved into institutional learning development. In the 1980s she decided to learn more about psychoanalysis and was introduced to the work of W.R. Bion, whose work not only resonated for her but also allowed her to explain Samuel Beckett to the drama students she was working with at the time. She has published widely on psychoanalysis and representations of the family, and her work on Bion has allowed her to work on learning space development of recent years.

Beckett and Bion: The (Im)Patient Voice in Psychotherapy and Literature

Beckett and Bion: The (Im)Patient Voice in Psychotherapy and Literature

by Ian Miller, Kay Souter

  • Paperback £32.99

This book focuses on Samuel Beckett’s psychoanalytic psychotherapy with W. R. Bion as a central aspect both of Beckett’s and Bion’s radical transformations of literature and psychoanalysis. The... (more)

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