Trauma and Memory: The Science and the Silenced

Editor : Valerie Sinason, Editor : Ashley Conway

Trauma and Memory: The Science and the Silenced

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Reviews and Endorsements

"Sinason and Conway have assembled a stellar group of authors who cover a range of topics concerning the history of the idea of False Memory of childhood abuse and the reliability of the science recruited in support of this notion. They also analyse, from a variety of viewpoints, the nature of repression and the lasting effects of trauma on memory. The authors bring expertise from various disciplines, casting light on many facets of this complex and contentious issue, creating a collection that is at once scholarly and easy to read. This book will be essential reading for clinicians working with adults who were abused as children and for anyone concerned with the more obscure reaches of human memory." - John Morton, OBE, FRS Professor Emeritus, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience; Former Director of the Medical Research Council Cognitive Development Unit, University College London, UK.

"I am honoured to endorse this book dedicated to my friend Jennifer Freyd. It is a unique collection of reasoned contributions by a well-chosen set of accomplished authors, a number of whom had the reality of their childhood abuse affirmed in court. They write with courage, clarity and authenticity. This book chronicles and critiques the way we as a society have had to go to the brink in order not to succumb to falsehood." - Professor Warwick Middleton MB BS, FRANZCP, MD, Professor, University of Queensland, Australia; Past President, International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD).

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