Thresholds and Pathways Between Jung and Lacan: On the Blazing Sublime

Editor : Ann Casement, Editor : Phil Goss, Editor : Dany Nobus

Thresholds and Pathways Between Jung and Lacan: On the Blazing Sublime

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"'Jung and Lacan'? This ground-breaking and brilliant book answers the question with a resounding YES. The notion of the sublime has been gently eased into place as a bridge between these two traditions and is the clear result of years of thinking by the skilled editors and erudite contributors. In addition, not to put too fine a point on it, there has been less apparent but much-needed professional and academic agitation and persuasion on their part. Fields that will benefit from an engagement with the book include clinical work, politics, art and creativity, the history of ideas, and contemporary spiritualities." - Andrew Samuels, Former Professor of Analytical Psychology, University of Essex, UK; author of Jung and the Post-Jungians.

"It seems so obvious, but it has taken many decades before a serious scholarly engagement between Lacan and Jung could take place. This book conducts such an important and fraught encounter, by focusing on the idea of the sublime, and illuminating the convergences and differences this concept reveals in each. With the continuing publication and translation of Lacan’s Seminars, along with the publication of Jung’s The Red Book, both thinkers continue to offer untapped resources for understanding what psychoanalysis is and can be. Excellent and wide-ranging, rich in theoretical and cultural-artistic implications, this volume is not to be missed!"- Clayton Crockett, University of Central Arkansas, USA.

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