Group Relations, Management, and Organization

Editor : Robert French, Editor : Russ Vince

Group Relations, Management, and Organization

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Introduction; Learning, Managing, and Organizing: The continuing contribution of group relations to management and organization; Theorising Practice in Group Relations; Grouping; A Mind for Business; Systems Psychodynamics in Service of Political Organizational Change; A Political Visionary in Mid-Life: Notes on leadership and the life cycle; Managing the Unconscious at Work; Dependency, Alienation, or Partnership? The changing relatedness of the individual to the enterprise; A Fresh Look at Authority and Organization: Towards a spiritual approach to managing illusion; On Being Frozen in Time; Practising Theory in Group Relations; The Recovery of Meaning; From Envy to Desire: Witnessing the transformation; In the Nick of Time: Reactivating an organization through leader-initiated interactions with members of staff; Mental Health Under Fire: Organizational intervention in a wounded service; The Inner Drama of Role Taking in an Organization; Isolation, Autonomy, and Interdependence in Organizational Life; Team as a Sponge: How the nature of the task affects the behaviour and mental life of a team; After the Conference is Over; Bibliography

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