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Event:Live Legacy Interview with Dr Valerie Sinason
Duration:5 - 7pm BST / 12 - 2pm EDT
Extra Info:Explore the groundbreaking work of Dr Valerie Sinason in disability psychotherapy, trauma, and dissociation. With special guests Prof Brett Kahr and Prof Sheila Hollins. The interview will be hosted by Jane O’Rourke.

Key Areas of Our Interview:
- Disability Psychotherapy: As a pioneer in this area, Valerie will share her psychoanalytic thinking on the treatment of patients with intellectual disabilities
- Uncovering Abuse in Vulnerable Populations: Valerie’s research revealed high rates of abuse among patients with disabilities. She will share her innovative therapeutic tools to help children and adults disclose abuse
- Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID): Valerie will share the key clinical skills she has found most helpful in working with people experiencing dissociation
- Relational Psychoanalytically-Informed Advocacy: Valerie will share her approach combining psychoanalytic understanding with advocacy to support survivors of extensive trauma
Organised By:MINDinMIND
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