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Event:The Development of the Self in the Presence of a Scaregiver
Duration:2-4pm BST / 9-11am EDT
Extra Info:In this webinar, psychotherapist Orit Badouk Epstein explores how our attachment bonds with primary caregivers shape our sense of self. When attachment is secure, it leads to a coherent and organized self-state. However, exposure to a frightening and unpredictable environment can disrupt this organization, resulting in self-disorganization and a collapse of adaptive strategies.
Childhood trauma—whether emotional, physical, or sexual—combined with intergenerational transmission of trauma often leads to dissociation and self-fragmentation. Through a compelling case study, she discusses how extensive abuse colonized the client’s body and mind, causing fragmentation. The client's attachment to “scaregivers” intensified her struggles, leading to suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and self-harm. The desire to return to the scene of abuse complicated her healing journey.
The therapeutic process involved sitting with the dissociated unknown, fostering a polyphonic dialogue among her fragmented parts. Gradually, relational safety was established, enhancing functioning, self-regulation, and reducing suicidal thoughts. Ultimately, this journey paved the way for the emancipation of her imprisoned body and mind.
Organised By:Supporting Relationships and Families
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