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Event:God, Heroes, and Groups
Duration:4 - 6pm BST / 11am - 1pm EDT
Extra Info:Speakers: Brant Elwood and Aodhán Moran

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and others have introduced us to the power of mythic archetypes as an illuminative tool to help us understand individual human psychology.

Yet, there has been little application of archetypal thinking towards group psychology. Gods, Groups, and Heroes synthesises post-Jungian ideas about myth with modern theories of group psychology, specifically the work of Wilfred Bion and the group relations movement.

By applying the depth psychology lens to our study of groups, we can start to “decode” the unconscious elements at play from a fresh perspective that weaves in the story elements that have stuck with us through different historical and cultural periods. This orientation can enhance the effectiveness of executive coaches, facilitators, therapists, and anyone else that works closely with teams in their organization.

In the first half of the webinar, Brant and Aodhán will make their presentation and facilitate initial responses.

In the second half, we'll move into a reflection-application session:
- 'Composting': experienced peers work the material in small groups to sprout new ideas;
- 'Weaving': attendees gather to collectively reflect and question, weaving our experiences together;
- Discuss how we will apply learnings to our personal practice in Reflection Application Pairs (RAPs).
Organised By:The Eco-Leadership Institute
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