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Event:Exploring Irrationality in Self and Organization
Venue:Porto Palace Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece
Date:24/05/2024 - 27/05/2024
Duration:4 Days
Extra Info:An Experiential Working Conference for Psychoanalysts

The aim of the conference is to provide a setting, away from the pressures of daily life, in which participants can experience, reflect, explore, and begin to work with the unconscious and not-quite conscious factors involved in the relationships between the individuals and groups present at the conference.

Living and working together for several days provides opportunities to examine past and present processes from different angles, to become aware of attitudes, feelings, reactions, and fantasies, to reconsider one’s identity as a member of a group, to express and explore existing ideas as well as new ones, to apply and test all these within the conference, and to take them home for future application in one’s professional and other roles.
Organised By:IPA Steering Committee on Psychoanalysis and the World
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