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Event:Complex Trauma: A Kleinian Approach
Duration:4 - 5.30pm GMT / 11am - 12.30pm EST
Extra Info:With Caroline Garland & Joanne Stubley
Additional discussants will be Susan Levy and Mike Swinburne, and the event will be chaired by David Taylor.

‘Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why are you full of rage? Because you are full of grief.’ - Ann Carson

Please join us for a discussion of traumatic situations and events and their effect on groups and individuals. The Kleinian framework is a very helpful backdrop when understanding and working with traumatised patients. Caroline Garland and Jo Stubley, with colleagues, will look at the techniques that have evolved in therapeutic work with trauma survivors, and will describe various models of intervention, including the use of groups. The speakers will discuss the part played by dissociation in trauma pathology and the countertransference effects experienced by the analyst. The discussion may include childhood sexual trauma; the effects of the pandemic; the importance of the body and social connection in trauma work; and the experiences of analysts working with the Melanie Klein Trust’s ‘Help for Helpers’ project, supporting mental health workers working with soldiers and displaced families in Ukraine.

The work of the psychologically-informed physicians treating traumatised solders after World War One led to the founding of the Tavistock Clinic. Their knowledge and experience was then extended to the wider civilian population, and focused on the effect of traumatic experience on individuals and families in everyday life.
Organised By:The Melanie Klein Trust
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