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Event:A Treasure Buried in the Field: The Relevance of the Numinous in Analytic Theory and Practice
Venue:Online & In-Person at St Paul’s Convent, 94 Selly Park Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, UK
Duration:10:15am - 12:45pm GMT / 5:15 - 7:45am EST
Extra Info:Speaker: Katerina Sarafidou

Numinous experiences go beyond the limits of conventional understanding and confront us with an object of such power that words to explain it fail. The numinous marks the limits of reason together with a sense of what might lie beyond those limits. Such numinous experiences often arise in analysis and are described in texts, whether they are referred to as numinous, aesthetic, sublime, uncanny or other but the understanding of their nature, value and impact varies widely. This seminar will explore the role of numinous experiences in psychoanalytic and Jungian thought, including as it has been elucidated through Jung’s Red Book. It will consider their role for psychological growth and their implications for clinical practice and the analytic attitude.

Organised By:The Analytical Psychotherapy Training: Birmingham (West Midlands Institute of Psychotherapy)
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