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Event:5th IDI Case Conference Workshop
Date:18/04/2024 - 20/04/2024
Duration:3 Days - 2pm - 6pm BST / 9am - 1pm EDT
Extra Info:The Role of Large Group Identity in Understanding and Intervening with Societal Conflict

Using current cases, this Workshop explores the Large Group Identity dynamics of societies in conflict and the implications of those dynamics for intervention. How can we identify large group identity in others and in ourselves, learn about the emotional history it represents, and bring this knowledge to fruition in working with disturbed societal relationships? In the intimate setting of a small group, the Workshop uses a clinical case conference model to illuminate how historical trauma becomes part of current large group identity and profoundly affects a society’s relationships, within and across its boundaries.

Workshop Participants
The Workshop is directed to those who already have some knowledge of Professor Vamik Volkan’s theory of Large Group Identity and are interested in an in-depth exploration of cases – either one’s own case or the cases of others. We also welcome former participants in the IDI Case Conference, as we develop together this methodology for deeper societal understanding and more effective intervention.

Workshop Events
While our focus will be on cases, with two case conferences in the schedule, the Workshop will also include a focused review of Professor Volkan’s ideas on large group identity, chosen trauma and the Tree Model of intervention, and an opportunity for members to explore large group identity in their own lives.

Organised By:International Dialogue Initiative
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