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Event:'Cancelled! The Progressive Way Back From Woke'
Duration:8:15 - 9:45pm GMT / 3:15 - 4:45pm EST
Extra Info:Speaker: Umut Özkirimli, Author
Chair and Discussant: Dr David Bell, Psychoanalyst

Umut Özkirimli discusses how elements of what has been traditional thought of as the left have been drawn, through the medium of identity politics, into forms of tyranny that act against the democratic ideals of freedom and pluralism that are central to its history. It is only by focusing on our common humanity and working across differences that the Left will find a constructive and consensual way back from this superficiality to more complex thinking. This Left criticism needs to be carefully discriminated from that coming from the right, the latter based on reactionary appeals to conservatism and so-called 'family values'.
Organised By:Institute of Psychonalysis
Web Link:
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