Events and Seminars

Event:The Unstructured Unconscious and the Repressed Unconscious
Venue:Online & In-Person - Rockville, MA, USA
Date:12/04/2024 - 14/04/2024
Duration:3 Days
Extra Info:The Unstructured Unconscious and the Repressed Unconscious: A Clinical Paradigm for the 21st Century with Howard Levine

Dr. Levine will present the following papers throughout the weekend:
1. Freud and Metapsychology, as Seen from the Perspective of The Ego and the Id
2. The Analyst’s Absence and Symbolization (based on André Green's 1975 paper 'The Analyst, Symbolization and Absence in the Analytic Setting")
3. Unrepresented States and Psychic Regulation
4. Interpretation in a Contemporary Context
Organised By:International Psychotherapy Institute
Web Link:!event/2024/4/12/a
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