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Event:Working with Neurodiverse Clients
Duration:3:30pm - 7pm GMT / 11:30am - 3pm EDT
Extra Info:Neurodiverse Clients: Identifying and Working with Neurodiversity in Psychotherapy
With Stephen Seligman

Psychotherapy cases sometimes present a complexity that can be better understood when neurodynamic factors are taken into account. Otherwise effective interventions may fall flat, or the severity of symptoms and depth of disorganization is not well explained by the developmental history. The therapist is left confounded and confused as to how to work with the client. This webinar will offer ways to identify different forms of neurodiversity and how psychotherapy can better serve these clients.

Neurodiversity can include differences in sensorimotor experience, variations in attention and processing speed, auditory and visual processing as well as commonly discussed attentional and autistic spectrum disorders. Stephen will elucidate how the impact of such differences affect personal experiences of the body, emotions, interpersonal and intrapsychic relationships, phantasies and the overall sense of self, calling on others to recognize otherwise puzzling combinations of unusual talents and challenges.

As a child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist, Stephen will offer a wide range of case material to demonstrate his work with neurodiverse clients. Assessment and intervention approaches will be discussed, highlighting how often an interdisciplinary and inclusive collaboration will be helpful.

Stephen offers a lively and interactive workshop and we look forward to opening up an area ripe for discussion and exploration with participants.
Organised By:Tavistock Relationships
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