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Event:Transitions and Transformations: Diversity, Risk, and Sustainability
Venue:Voluntary Action Islington, London
Date:01/12/2023 - 02/12/2023
Duration:4 Days
Extra Info:A 4-Day International Group Relations Conference, London
Online: November 24, 29
In Person: December 1, 2

Through one lens every aspect of our lives is subject to impermanence, contingency, change. Plausibly this has always been so, but it can seem like this is gathering pace. Personally, locally, and globally, the challenges of climate change, of artificial intelligence, of resource limitations, can pull us in multiple directions.

This Group Relations Conference is an experiential learning event. Whether you are in a leadership role, a student, or simply a curious citizen, we invite you to explore the experiences, inspirations, frustrations, and opportunities of seeking to collaborate together, and finding authority in the current climate.
Organised By:OPUS
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