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Event:The Many Myths of Money by Kenneth Eisold
Duration:19:00 - 20:30 BST
Extra Info:We tend to think of money as concrete and simple, a thing, but in fact it is multi-faceted and complex. In the modern world it has come to take such a variety of forms that economists can no longer define it. On the other hand, our reliance on it causes us to invest it with a stability it does not and, probably, cannot have. Our ideas about money are, essentially, social defenses, and the money we think we have in our pockets or in our bank accounts is based on widely shared fantasies.
During this Scientific Meeting, Ken will explore that the anxieties underlying these defenses spring from two sources: awareness that money’s fixed values are unreliable, unable to protect us from loss, and an opposite irrational optimism about its capacity to grow magically.
Organised By:OPUS - an Organisation Promoting Understanding of Society
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