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Event:UCL - Attachment and Trauma: State of the Art
Date:13/05/2023 - 14/05/2023
Duration:2 Days
Extra Info:A Homage to the Inspiration of Mary Main.

Mary Main’s argument for the need for a representational concept of attachment (Main, Kaplan and Cassidy 1985) and her identification of a category of disorganised/disoriented attachment that was particularly associated with children who had experienced adversity (Main and Solomon, 1986) were key landmarks in the development of attachment studies (Rutter, Kreppner & Sonuga-Barke, 2009). This event will build on Main’s groundbreaking insight into the far-reaching impact that early trauma can have on a person’s capacity to represent, interpret and navigate their social world. We will address both biological and cultural aspects of attachment, exploring the most recent findings concerning the neuroscience and other biomarkers of attachment trauma and considering ground-breaking new research that indicates the need to interrogate our assumptions about risks and protective factors in a person’s cultural context, with important implications for how we treat individuals with attachment issues and trauma. These insights have profoundly influenced our ability to address trauma therapeutically and the conference will share new developments in intervention and prevention of the consequences of trauma, with particular attention to mentalisation-based and compassion-focused approaches.
Organised By:UCL Psychoanalysis Unit
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