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Event:Working with loss of desire in couple relationships by Wimbledon Guild Counselling
Duration:10:00 – 13:00 GMT
Extra Info:A 3 hour ZOOM CPD event with Janice Hiller.

Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded.

About this event:

Desire or drive in a relationship is an important motivational state which is linked with physical and emotional intimacy. Losing desire may lead to guilt and fear of damaging the couple bond. Desire and arousal are closely connected on a sexual level for both women and men although there are gender differences in processing arousal sensations. Absence of desire and sexual withdrawal has numerous meanings however and can be associated with organic difficulties, couple tensions, or underlying anxiety and depression. These aspects of desire issues will be explored, with suggestions of how an integrated treatment approach can be used to help troubled relationships.
Organised By:Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
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