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Event:Meeting the Challenge of Race in Therapy Practice by Wimbledon Guild Counselling
Venue:Online - via Zoom
Duration:10:00 – 12:00 GMT
Extra Info:A 2 hour ZOOM event with Eugene Ellis Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded.
About this Event:

Psychotherapy and counselling is essentially about addressing psychological wounds and meeting distress. We interpret and make sense of destructive, disconnected and dis-inhibited behaviours and this understanding supports our compassion, connection and responsiveness. When it comes to race hurt and race distress however, clear thinking and compassion often give way to fear and confusion. To meet the challenge of working with race in therapy practice, we need to understand our unconscious re-enactments from our generational past, but where do we begin?

In this workshop we will be exploring what happens in our minds and also importantly in our bodies in the midst of the race conversation; to explore how a mindful approach to our physiological responses might support us as therapists in staying at the contact boundary of our own and our clients’ experience – and find our voice.
Organised By:Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
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