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Event:Integrating The Body, Breath & Movement in Therapy a 3 hour Introduction by Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
Duration:10:00 – 13:00 BST
Extra Info:A 3 hour ZOOM event with Lorna Evans. Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded.

About this Event:

A workshop for health professionals, mental health workers and yoga teachers with a keen interest in integrating embodiment into their current practice, becoming more trauma informed, whilst gaining confidence and practical tools to integrate the body, breath and movement when working with anxiety, depression & trauma both online and in person.

This is a 3 hour introductory event ahead of Lorna's 2 day in depth event on this subject planned as a live workshop in November 2021.

Mind and body are fully integrated and what the therapist notices in the client’s body, or experiences in her own body, energy, tension, holding or other non-verbal phenomena is vital to bring into awareness and into the work with our clients. Our work, coupled with recent neuroscience research, emphasises how trauma is held in the body and how a bodily understanding is essential for professionals working with anxiety, depression & trauma in person and online during the pandemic.
Organised By:Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
Web Link:http://
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