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Event:Working with the Adult Child in Therapy by Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
Duration:10:00 – 13:00 BST
Extra Info:A 3 hour ZOOM CPD event with Simon Marks. Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded.

About this Event:

Please note this workshop if suitable for qualified therapists of all disciplines and social workers it is not suitable for therapists in training.

The event:

The term Adult-Child refers to those who have grown up in an environment of family dysfunction. This may include, but is not limited to, homes where a child is exposed to sexual, physical or emotional abuse, trauma, addiction, shame, neglect and abandonment. As defined by Pia Mellody (2003), abuse can include an experience where a child has received parenting from an adult, that is anything less than nurturing.

In families such as these, the dysfunction, or ‘secret’ is kept in-check by patterns of denial; an internalised code of conduct where members learn not to talk, not feel and do not trust anyone or anything outside of the family. Nowhere is safe. Siblings and other adults in the family become complicit and infected by these experiences.

Because of their trauma, Adult-Children might experience mild to complex PTSD in their adult lives. Most will dissociate from their bodies and minds, developing pseudo-feelings and survival traits to help them adapt, avoid or control their emotional distress. As adults, they experience unhealthy relationships, co-dependency and addiction to push down painful feelings. They might sense their lives are ‘out of control’, but because of their own pattern of denial, Adult Children find it difficult to ask for help. Untreated, they often go on to have dysfunctional families of their own, destined to repeat the same patterns. The next generation of Adult-Children are born. This cycle of dysfunction continues until an Adult-Child can finds the courage and strength to break-free and begin recovery.

Organised By:Wimbledon Guild Counselling Training
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