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Event:The Leicester Conference - Task Authority Organisation: 1 – 14 August 2020
Venue:College Court, Knighton Road, Leicester LE2 3UF
Duration:14 - day residential conference
Extra Info:There is now wide recognition that group and systems psychodynamics play a vital part in the success or failure of work projects and organisational change. Likewise, the understanding and management of feelings, tensions and other dynamics in group situations are essential to effective leadership and followership.

Timothy Gallwey, author of The Inner Game of Work says,

“You must yourself to be a learner during your working hours as well as a doer. After that, you must pay attention to the teacher – experience itself.”

The Leicester Conference is a 14-day experiential learning event. It is residential and provides space to reflect and contemplate on how you lead and follow in your organisation, your community, indeed, how you lead and follow in your life! The conference has taken place every year since 1957 and is the flagship of all the other Group Relations conferences and institutions around the world. It is only for those who are deeply invested in understanding their relationship to leadership and authority in complex, uncertain contexts. It is the home of learning by experience.
Organised By:The Tavistock Institute
Web Link:http://
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