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Event:Listening After Bion: The Jeff Eaton Seminars
Venue:Royal Scots Club, Abercrombie Place, Edinburgh
Date:02/08/2019 - 03/08/2019
Duration:Friday, August 2nd: 6.30 - 9 pm; Saturday, August 3rd: 10.30 am - 5.30 pm
Extra Info:This seminar series will focus on the way we listen in a session, drawing on Jeff Eaton's decades of intensive study and teaching of Bion. The three sections of the seminar series are:
1. Gathering the data of a session;
2. The self and its circumstances;
3. Listening as an open gate.

James Grotstein describes Jeff Eaton’s work in this way:

“The poignancy of what Jeff Eaton has brought us from his work is due in no small measure to his caseload. He works with children as well as adults and is very sensitive to outpourings of the most infantile depths of his child and adult patients.

"His clinical experience in working analytically with autistic and Asperger patients puts him in a rarified realm of experience.

"Many of the patients who have come to him would be considered untreatable by most other therapists, who often lack both his particular background training in the treatment of primitive mental states of this kind, as well as his patience, his faith, his humility, and the obvious caretaking love he so readily provides for his patients.”

Dr Roger Bacon, leading Edinburgh-based analyst with over 35 years' experience, will act as respondent.

These seminars offer a rare opportunity to spend time in dialogue with one of the foremost thinkers in the Bion tradition today, and to hear Dr Roger Bacon's response from his particular interest in weaving together the diverse strands of psychoanalytic thought. With ample opportunity for discussing clinical material, these seminars promise to enrich our own capacity for reflection and presence.
Organised By:Kedzie Penfield
Web Link:http://
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