Chanté D. DeLoach

Chante D. DeLoach, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing for almost fifteen years helping individuals, couples, and families create healthier, more meaningful relationships. For almost twenty years, she has taught various psychology and social science courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the U.S. and abroad. As an international consultant with expertise in clinical traumatology, cultural, community, and liberation psychologies, she has conducted research, provided clinical services, consultation and workshops in Mexico, Ecuador, Haiti, Ukraine, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Zambia to name a few. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Clinical and Community Psychology at Santa Monica College.

How We Practice Therapy Now

How We Practice Therapy Now

by Chanté D. DeLoach

  • Paperback £17.99 (RRP : £19.99 save £2.00)

Psychotherapy is not confined to the office: it can be online, virtual, wellness-oriented, flexible and in service of public wellness. COVID-19 has forever changed the landscape of psychotherapy in... (more)

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