Yves Lugrin

Yves Lugrin is a practising psychoanalyst in Paris, France. He is an Associate Member of the Societe de psychanalyse freudienne (SPF). His research interests include the treatment of psychoses, as well as the relation of psychoanalysis to literature and writing. His interest in Freudian correspondence has led him to question the place held by Sandor Ferenczi and his work in the history of psychoanalysis.

Ferenczi on Freud’s Couch: A Finished Analysis?

Ferenczi on Freud’s Couch: A Finished Analysis?

by Yves Lugrin

  • Paperback £26.99 (RRP : £29.99 save £3.00)

This fascinating book assesses Sandor Ferenczi's role in the history of psychoanalysis, examining his personal analysis with Freud, the father of the discipline.

The book delves into archival... (more)

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