Simonetta Diena

Simonetta Diena, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is a full member with training functions of the SPI (Italian Psychoanlytical Association) and the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association). For many years she has worked in the field of eating disorders and her publications have appeared in national and international journals and in collected volumes dealing with the problems connected with these disorders. She teaches at the Istituto Italiano di Psicoanalisi di Gruppo (IIPG) in Milan and, since 1999, is a Fellow in the IPA Research Training Programme. For years her research has focused on art and psychoanalysis and she has authored a number of essays on this topic as well as articles published in national and international journals. She lives and works in Milan.

Psychoanalysis Listening to Love: Passion and Bonds

Psychoanalysis Listening to Love: Passion and Bonds

by Simonetta Diena

  • Paperback £32.99

This book is about love, about how we fall in love and why we fall in love, and about how much we suffer if unable to love or be loved. The need to love and be loved can be read as the prototype of... (more)

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