Ferenc Eros

Ferenc Eros studied psychology and literature at the ELTE University in Budapest. He is Professor of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pécs, where he is director of a doctoral programme in psychoanalytic studies since 1997. The focus of his present research areas include the social and cultural history of psychoanalysis in Central Europe, psychoanalytic theory and its application to social issues, the problem of trauma and cultural memory. He edited the Hungarian translation of the Freud–Ferenczi correspondence and founded Thalassa, the journal of the Sándor Ferenczi Society in Budapest, which he edited from 1990–2010. At present, he edits Imágó Budapest, the journal of the Hungarian Imago Association.

Sandor Ferenczi - Ernest Jones: Letters 1911-1933

Sandor Ferenczi - Ernest Jones: Letters 1911-1933

by Sandor Ferenczi, Ernest Jones

  • Paperback £31.99

The Ferenczi-Jones correspondence presented here is an important document of the early history of psychoanalysis. It spans more than two decades and addresses many of the relevant issues of the... (more)

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