The Self in Transformation

Author(s) : Hester McFarland Solomon

The Self in Transformation

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This book brings together into one volume a number of articles that the author has written over the past 20 years, and includes a new extended essay written especially for this volume. The chapters, organized into sections, explore theoretical and clinical matters within a Jungian analytical framework, making carefully considered links to a number of psychoanalytical themes and concepts. The book also includes a section on ethics in the consulting room. In her new essay, Hester Solomon discusses pivotal themes in depth psychology: psychic transformation, synchronicity, and the emergence of complex adaptive systems in relation to the evolution of Jungs theory of the psychoid. She draws from fields of study such as anthropology, neuropsychology, the arts and religion to develop her themes. This is a reasoned integration and demonstration of the developing thought and clinical practice of an established Jungian analyst.

Reviews and Endorsements

'With this book, Hester Solomon offers a rich collection of her mature work on analytical themes. It is an important contribution to the ongoing evolution of the field of Analytical Psychology. Each chapter challenges previous assumptions and offers fresh perspectives and directions. Solomon is a leading light in contemporary Jungian thought.'
- Murray Stein, PhD, Former President IAAP, author of "Jung's Map of the Soul" and "The Principle of Individuation"

'Hester Solomon has had a profound influence on the development of Jungian theory and practice today. Her pioneering papers demonstrate that she is one of the leading intellectual and clinical contributors to the profession and demonstrate the range and depth of her thinking, from clinical, scientific and philosophical perspectives.'
- Jean Knox, PhD, MBBS, MRCPsych, Former UK Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Analytical Psychology

'Hester Solomon has a feeling for ideas - a reliable feeling, which is why her essays are so orientating. They represent her reasoned appraisal of what's most worth thinking about in the field of therapeutic analytical thought - starting, of course, with the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung, still too often regarded as a marginal ancestor of mainstream depth psychotherapy. Generations of students of psychoanalysis, particularly, have tended to see Jung's as at best an inspirational approach, heralding what Philip Rieff called the "triumph of the therapeutic uses of faith after Freud".

'Solomon is constantly making forays into other fields to gain perspectives on Jung's seminal ideas, and one feels that in the process she has tumbled onto all the really interesting ideas of our time. She is convincing, moreover, in pointing out that these intellectual developments, most of which have come into their own only since Jung's death, have turned out to provide the validating context his thought lacked in his lifetime. His was a much less comprehending time for the kind of psychological science he was trying to build; he would have been gratified to have a mid-size volume like this to mirror his achievement.'
- John Beebe, Jungian Analysis, Past President of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

About the Author(s)

Hester McFarland Solomon trained with the Jungian Analytic Section of the BAP, where she is now a training therapist, teacher and supervisor, and a Fellow of the Association. She is past Chair of the BAP's Council, Ethics Committee, and Jungian Analytic Training Committee. She is in full time private practice, and has published a number of papers linking Jungian analytic and psychoanalytic theory and practice. She co-edited Jungian Thought in the Modern World. She lectures both in the UK and abroad, and is also Vice President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology.

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