The Queer Mental Health Workbook: A Creative Self-Help Guide Using CBT, CFT and DBT

Author(s) : Brendan J. Dunlop

The Queer Mental Health Workbook: A Creative Self-Help Guide Using CBT, CFT and DBT

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To be queer is to feel different - a felt sense that you don't fit in. This can be alienating and difficult and lead to mental health challenges and lower wellbeing throughout life. Using a range of therapeutic approaches, this comprehensive, down-to-earth self-help workbook is designed to be your personal mental health resource. It is filled with techniques and activities you can read, tailor and 'pick and mix' to improve your wellbeing as a queer person, at your pace.

The workbook is split into two sections - the first part focusses on laying the groundwork by exploring identity, psychological wellbeing, and mental health experiences in order to situate mental health challenges in context and improve overall mental health. The second half hones in on ideas and techniques applicable to specific challenges and situations. It explores difficult topics such as anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, shame, trauma, substance abuse, sleep, and low mood, all whilst maintaining a focus on your needs as a queer individual.

Empowering and reassuring, and written by an experienced queer mental health practitioner, this one-of-a-kind workbook will help you to flourish as a queer person and begin to overcome any challenge.

Reviews and Endorsements

Knowledge empowers. Understanding brings compassion. This expertly written book does all that, and brilliantly and carefully opens the necessary dialogue, explaining all evidence-based approaches around the mental health challenges faced by those often judged and marginalised simply for being who they are. A privilege to read, a pleasure to endorse. - Professor Tanya Byron, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, journalist, author and broadcaster.

This is a super comprehensive book covering the main mental health struggles that queers experience, and how these relate to the world around us. The book is packed with compassionate and practical activities: a much needed resource to help us through the tough times. - Meg-John Barker, author of Hell Yeah Self-Care

This book completely bowled me over. Whilst many self-help books trot out epithets and homilies and a smattering of common sense, this book brings some of the most robust evidence-based psychological insights and applies them to LGBTQ lives and how to maintain our mental health. There are some great practical exercises and activities. If you can't afford therapy right now, then this would be a great investment. If you are in treatment, this book can help you maximise your progress. - Dominic Davies, Founder of Pink Therapy.

This is a phenomenal and highly needed book. It's going to be a guiding light for so many young LGBTQ+ individuals. What an honour and privilege to read. - Kyle McGovern, Trainee Health Psychologist.

The Queer Mental Health Workbook engages the reader with clear explanations of tried and true strategies to navigate mental health challenges, while contextualizing these strategies to the Queer experience. It is an essential resource for any Queer person struggling with these challenges. - Darren Courtney, psychiatrist, researcher, and lead author of the CARIBOU CBT Group Manual for Youth.

I found so much value in this book! It is a fantastic resource for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Dunlop's book is expertly written with evidence-based treatments and written in a manner that is understandable and relatable. He offers wonderful activities and exercises. I highly recommend this book and I will certainly recommend it to my patients. It truly is a gift to the LGBTQ+ community and their allies! - Frank J. Sileo, PhD, licensed psychologist, award-winning author, and national speaker.

This workbook presents an exceptionally accessible and practicable book, bringing together techniques and exercises in such a way that present a compassionately and insightfully written aid. As a Queer man, much of the writing resonates. As a clinician, I can see the obvious utility that this book would have, and can see how the evidence based exercises and worksheets would help people in the queer community and beyond. - Dr Duncan Shrewsbury, Senior Lecturer in General Practice, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and GP at Montpelier Surgery, Brighton.

About the Author(s)

Dr Brendan J Dunlop (he/him) is a Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist in the NHS, as well as a Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at The University of Manchester. He has a particular interest in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of minority groups within society, especially people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

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