The Privacy of the Self

Author(s) : Masud Khan

The Privacy of the Self

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : 1996
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 344
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  • Catalogue No : 6987
  • ISBN 13 : 9781855751354
  • ISBN 10 : 1855751356
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The Privacy of the Self was the first collection of papers showing the development of Masud Khan's thinking over twenty five years of clinical work. He was nurtured in the tradition of Anna Freud, John Rickman and D.W. Winnicott, but his contribution to psychoanalytic literature was a distinctive and personal one. What emerges from this book is the natural and private crystallization of his experiences with his patients and teachers.

As he says in his preface: "Psychoanalysis is an extremely private discipline of sensibility and skill. The practice of psychoanalysis multiplies this privacy into a specialized relationship between two persons, who through the very nature of their exclusivity with each other change each other. The first thing I wish to say about my work reported in these papers is that my patients have helped me become and personalize my potential of thought, affectivity and effort into a way of life that I find deeply satisfying. Had I followed another career perhaps my life would have been more dramatic and varied, but certainly not fuller. My relation with my patients has taught me the humility and necessity of the need of the other for one to be and become oneself."

Two further collections of Masud Khan's papers, Alienation in Perversions and Hidden Selves: Between Theory and Practice in Psychoanalysis, are available in Mansfield Library editions.

Reviews and Endorsements

'Masud Khan, a psychoanalyst who is renowned for both vivacity and learning.demonstrates his own ability to reach (those characters whom psychiatrists label "schizoid") and provides a theoretical framework which will be of value to others engaged on the same quest.'
- Anthony Storr - Times Literary Supplement

'Khan's erudition is of a very special kind.He puts his finger on the pulse of the dilemma, crisis or illness of our time, our wish and need to preserve our unique individual selves and our no less urgent wish and need for living in a community with others.'
- Paula Heimann - International Journal of Psycho-Analysis

About the Author(s)

Mohammed Masud Raza Khan (1924 - 1989) was an Pakistani British psychoanalyst. His training analyst was Donald Winnicott. Masud Raza Khan was a protege of Sigmund Freud's daughter Anna and a long-time collaborator with the most famous child analyst of the 20th century, D.W. Winnicott. Alongside clinical practice and teaching, he authored over 60 published papers, as well as numerous reviews, and edited significant portions of Winnicott's literary output and that of other key luminaries within the psychoanalytical canon. His key works include The Privacy of the Self, Alienation in Perversions, Hidden Selves, The Long Wait and When Spring Comes.

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J-LOui Lampel on 15/02/2008

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Khan is a free man; hes slightly kleinian but he learnt from his mentor Winnicott to tresure the incredible affects of thransference. Khan learnt fro m experience to quote Bion. His practice, theory are one of the most original in 20th Century psychoanlysis, thats what this book brilliantly shows; Khan is a bit forgotten, hoever his star shines on in the sky of international psychoanalysis.

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