Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.20 No.1

Author(s) : Aaron J. Nurick, Author(s) : Matias Sanfuentes, Author(s) : Nadine Riad Tchelebi

Organisational and Social Dynamics Vol.20 No.1

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Also by Nadine Riad Tchelebi

Also by Aaron J. Nurick

Also by Matias Sanfuentes

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– Group relations, innovation, and the production of nostalgia by Carlos Sapochnik

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.1

– Space lost, space found—a psychodynamic perspective on spaces, places, architecture, and furniture inside and around us by Steen Visholm and Dorte Sandager

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.16

– Political risks of recovering and discovering meanings in the collective memory of a perverse religious organisation by Eduardo Acuña Aguirre

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.31

– On teaching Winnicott: the charms and challenges of Winnicott’s concepts by Elisha Davar

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.48

– Psychological containment of organisational toxicity and its spillovers by Ajeet N. Mathur

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.60


– We can’t help feeding the monster: the social handling of uncertainty in an environment of high risk and fast-paced change by Øyvind R. Haugen and Jens Preil

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.79


– Working with the symptom—a new perspective on dealing with low well-being in organisations by Moritz Senarclens de Grancy and Caroline Rook

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.101

– Greed, hatred, and delusion in organisational life by Tim Dartington

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.106


– International Listening Post report summary: the world at the dawn of 2020 by Ulrike Beland, Rob Stuart, and Dimitrios Vonofakos

DOI 10.33212/osd.v20n1.2020.118


– Vamik’s Room: A New Vision of Global Diplomacy written, produced, and directed by Molly Castelloe

Reviewed by Renate Grønvold Bugge

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