On the Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders: An Introduction to Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

Author(s) : Viktor E. Frankl

On the Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders: An Introduction to Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

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  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Published : March 2024
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 306
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    Existential therapy
  • Catalogue No : 97619
  • ISBN 13 : 9781032501291
  • ISBN 10 : 1032501294

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This classic edition of On the Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders: An Introduction to Logotherapy and Existential Analysis sees Viktor E. Frankl, bestselling author and founder of logotherapy, introduce his key theories and apply them to work with patients exhibiting symptoms of neurosis.

James M. DuBois’ translation of Frankl’s Theorie und Therapie der Neurosen allows English readers to experience this essential text on logotherapy in an invigorating new light. DuBois also provides a new Preface to the book, highlighting the importance of both the original volume and Frankl’s work at large, and framing it within contemporary psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Throughout the book, Frankl uses his unique logotherapeutic approach to analyse neuroses and their impact. He looks in turn at how neuroses may be informed by psychoses, somatic disorders, and the mental implications of being diagnosed with a physical medical condition, as well as potential psychological, spiritual, and societal causes of neuroses.

Masterfully translated and thoroughly annotated, this volume brings Frankl’s trailblazing theories into the 21st century and will be of great interest to psychiatrists and psychotherapists alike.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What Is Logotherapy?

Part I - The Theory of Neuroses and Psychotherapy
1. The Theory of Neuroses as a Problem: Toward a Definition and Classification of Neurotic Disorders
2. Endogenous Psychoses: On Psychoses Caused by Somatic Disorders
3. Psychosomatic Illnesses: Critical Remarks on Psychosomatic Medicine
4. Functional Illnesses or "Pseudo-Neuroses": On Mental Disorders Due to a Medical Condition
5. Reactive Neuroses: On Neuroses Arising from the Fight for or against Something
6. Iatrogenic Neuroses: On Neuroses Arising from a Medical Intervention
7. Psychogenic Neuroses: On Neuroses with Psychological Causes
8. Noogenic Neuroses: On Neuroses with Spiritual Causes
9. Collective Neuroses: On Societal Neuroses

Part II - Logotherapy and Existential Analysis
10. Logotherapy as a Specific Therapy of Noogenic Neuroses
11. Logotherapy as a Nonspecific Therapy
12. Paradoxical Intention and Dereflection
13. Medical Ministry
14. Existential Analysis as Psychotherapeutic Anthropology

About the Author(s)

Viktor E. Frankl was professor of neurology and psychiatry at the University of Vienna Medical School until his death in 1997. He was the founder of what has come to be called the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy (after Freud's psychoanalysis and Adler's individual psychology) - the school of logotherapy.

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