Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide

Author(s) : Gillian Butler, Author(s) : Tony Hope

Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide

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  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Published : January 2007
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Category :
    Popular Psychology
  • Catalogue No : 25403
  • ISBN 13 : 9780198527725
  • ISBN 10 : 0198527721
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Sets out the strategies that will stretch, strengthen, and tune your mind, to help you cope with the rigours of everyday life. This book shows you how to keep mentally fit - how to tap into your mind's power - so you can enjoy your life. It also includes information on how to make decisions, strengthen your memory, stop smoking, and more. Just as simple measures - regular exercise, a sensible diet - keep your body fit, there are attitudes and skills you can develop to build a healthy mind.

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Feeling good is not just a question of addressing a few problems but depends on the development of positive attitudes and skills that can help you to make the most of your opportunities. 'Manage Your Mind' is a remarkable guide which will help you to lead a more enjoyable and productive life.

The mind is a powerful tool, but without the right training, your moods, thoughts, and behaviour can sabotage your goals and cause depression and anxiety. Manage your Mind shows you how to keep mentally fit - how to tap into your mind's power - so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Through the powerful, tested techniques they clearly outline, Gillian Butler and Tony Hope will teach you to:

* Build self-confidence
* Overcome anxiety and depression
* Take control of your present and future
* Establish and maintain fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and co-workers
* Free yourself from fears and persistent worries
* Break bad habits
* Relieve stress
* Develop your full potential
* Manage your self and your time
* Clarify your goals and values

1. What to expect from this guide
2. The scientific background
Part I - Two Principles Underlying Mental Fitness
3. Valuing yourself
4. Recognizing that you can change
Part II - The Seven Basic Skills
5. Managing yourself and your time
6. Facing the problem
7. Treating yourself right
8. Problem-solving: a strategy for change
9. Keeping things in perspective: help from cognitive therapy
10. Building self-confidence and self-esteem
11. Learning how to relax
Part III - How To Improve Your Relationships
12. The importance of relationships
13. The first key to good relationships: be fair to yourself and to others
14. The second key to good relationships: recognizing voices from the past
15. The third key to good relationships: relationships as systems
16. Anger in relationships
17. Sexuality and intimate relationships
Part IV - The Twin Enemies of Good Mood - Anxiety and Depression
18. Getting the better of anxiety and worry, or defeating the alarmist
19. Overcoming fears and phobias
20. Stress: how to live with the right amount of it
21. Dealing with panic: controlling the alarm system
22. Depression: the common cold of the mind
23. Digging yourself out of depression
24. How to become less vulnerable to depression
Part V - Traumatic Experience
25. Loss and bereavement
26. Dealing with the past
27. Recent traumatic events and their aftermath
Part VI - Mind and Body
28. Breaking habits and overcoming addictions
29. Averting problems with alcohol
30. Overcoming sleep problems
31. Good eating habits
Part VII - The Working Mind
32. The fundamentals of effective study
33. Key study skills: reading, taking notes, and using the material
34. How to improve your memory: Part 1 - the palest ink and other external memory aids
35. How to improve your memory: Part 2 - Internal memory aids
36. Making decisions
37. Thinking straight

Authors Biographies
Gillian Butler, Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre and Department of Clinical Psychology, Warneford Hospital, Oxford and
Tony Hope, Professor of Medical Ethics, ETHOX, University of Oxford

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