Hidden Twins: What Adult Opposite Sex Twins Have to Teach Us

Author(s) : Olivia Lousada

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Hidden Twins: What Adult Opposite Sex Twins Have to Teach Us

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'This pioneering book offers wonderful insight into the experience of opposite sex twins in adulthood. It is a very welcome addition to the literature and warmly recommended to all who know or work with twins, their families, colleagues and friends.' - Alida Gersie PhD, writer, instigator of story-based therapy and trainer. 'Beautifully written, this is a wonderfully readable, informative, thought-provoking and sensitive book a welcome addition to the literature.' - Barry Mason PhD, Former Director, Institute of Family Therapy, London

Reviews and Endorsements

'This is a fascinating book. Well researched, well written, and well worth reading, whoever you are. It is thoughtful, and touched with real experiences that make it a very good read. Olivia Lousada is interested and passionate. All of my life I have been exploring issues of identity: race, class, gender, and even hair have been my subjects, but I have never thought about my twin self until I read this book. I did not think there was so much to be said about opposite sex twins. It has made me look at myself in a different way, and it made me look at my twin sister in another way. It is a shame she will not read it; she does not do anything that I do, and now I understand why. I now have a lot more to say about myself. I could feel a great mixture of love and intelligence leaping from the pages as I read this ground-breaking book. This is beyond academic; this is personal. This book has everything: science, art, poetry, and adventure. It really has something to teach us, but it does it very creatively.'
- Benjamin Zephaniah, performance poet and writer

'Hidden Twins offer an insightful look into the lives of three opposite-sex twin pairs. Candid, informative and rich in psychological detail, this book will excite twins, families and psychologists alike.'
- Nancy L. Segal, PhD, Professor of Psychology, California State University; author of Entwined Lives and Indivisible by Two

'This is an intrepid book, which takes some getting used to initially. Then, imperceptibly, the various strands fall into place and the complexity of the boy-girl twins unfolds before us. For the clinician, the residue of the patient's Oedipal drama presents us all with complexity, but how much more intriguing it is when in the company of an opposite sex twin simultaneously undertaking the same journey - now as a collaborator, now as a fellow conspirator, and
then as a deadly rival. Olivia's book is a welcome guide to this complex phenomenon.'
Julian Lousada, Psychoanalyst (BAP) and Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council

'Psychodrama creates a 'humming" duet with the enquiry into opposite sex twins in this ground breaking research. The unique boy/girl psychological disclosures by opposite sex twins have rarely been revealed in literature. A must read.'
- Marcia Karp, Honorary President emeritus of the British Psychodrama Association

-What is the existing knowledge on opposite sex twins?
-The research project. Who was involved?
-The philosophy of spontaneity
-The research design
-Comments by the opposite sex twins during Workshop 1
-Workshop 2. The opposite sex twins' reflections on Workshop 1 and the individual interviews
-The family stories told by the opposite sex twins
-The opposite sex twins' similarity to, and difference from, siblings and same sex twins
-The archive of the findings
-The essence of resonance
-The paradox of opposite sex and resonance

About the Author(s)

Olivia Lousada, D.Psych, works as a psychodramatist and psychotherapist in mental health settings. She has a particular focus on the resolution of longstanding difficulties related to family dynamics. Her professional interests are underpinned by previous training as a Montessori teacher, drama teacher and social worker. Her doctorate studies, on which her book Hidden Twins is built, focused on the inter and intra-personal worlds of adult opposite sex twins. She was interested in this topic because she is one herself.

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