EMDR and the Art of Psychotherapy with Children: Infants to Adolescents: Second Edition

Author(s) : Robbie Adler-Tapia, Author(s) : Carolyn Settle

EMDR and the Art of Psychotherapy with Children: Infants to Adolescents: Second Edition

Book Details

  • Publisher : Springer Pub. Co.
  • Published : 2016
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 384
  • Category :
  • Category 2 :
    Trauma and Violence
  • Catalogue No : 39381
  • ISBN 13 : 9780826138019
  • ISBN 10 : 0826138012
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This second editon focuses on teaching therapists to effectively use the entire EMDR Therapy eight-phased treatment with children of all ages from infants to adolescents. The book details changes to the phases of EMDR Therapy (history taking, case conceptualization, and treatment planning) along with alterations to case conceptualization for target identification and organization. The book details newly published research documenting current evidence-based support of EMDR Therapy with children.

The text includes a code which gives the reader online access to a video of one of the authors using EMDR Therapy with a three-year-old. This video provides the practitioner a first-hand view of how the eight -phases of EMDR Therapy can be applied with a toddler. The text details the basic skills required to use EMDR Therapy with children and transitions to more advanced skills including working with infants and toddlers, children with intellectual and developmental disabilites, and children in the welfare system. It integrates play therapy and other forms of expressive therapies.

Speciality topics regarding using EMDR Therapy include case conceptualization with diagnoses defined by the DSM-5 and ICD-10, newborn/neonate diagnoses, children with chemical dependency, numerous situational issues ranging from testifying in court to bullying, and many more. Case studies woven throughout the text clearly demonstate EMDR Therapy applications, and a summaries of published evidence support the efficacy of EMDR Therapy including studies from WHO and SAMHSA. Aiming to provide best practices for children who are in need of expert psychotherapy, the text also promotes and facilitates efforts toward additional research that validates and advances the practice of EMDR Therapy.

Expanded to include EMDR Therapy with infants and toddlers, preteens and adolescents while incorporating all aspects of the eight phases of this comprehensive psychotherapy, this book continues to be the foundational EMDR text for therapists working with children.

New to the Second Edition:

* Integrates developmental theory for use with children, adolescents, and teens

* Highlights additional specialties and protocols

* Includes breakthrough inclusion of narrative therapeutic concepts with young children

* Provides new resourcing and other scripts

* Integrates play therapy and other expressive techniques for use with any age client

* Guides therapists in using EMDR Therapy with specialty populations

* Presents two new chapters - one on EMDR Therapy with infants, toddlers and preschoolers and a second on preteens and adolescents. Each chapter includes cases of real clients that demonstrates the challenges and efficacy of using EMDR therapy with children.

* Revises phases of EMDR Therapy for history taking, case conceptualization, and treatment planning

* Provides a code for on-line access to a video of using EMDR Therapy with a toddlerKey

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