Consumed: The Need for Collective Change; Colonialism, Climate Change & Consumerism

Author(s) : Aja Barber

Consumed: The Need for Collective Change; Colonialism, Climate Change & Consumerism

Book Details

  • Publisher : Octopus Publishing Group
  • Published : September 2021
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 304
  • Category :
  • Catalogue No : 96423
  • ISBN 13 : 9781914240089
  • ISBN 10 : 1914240081
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Aja Barber wants change.

In the 'learning' first half of the book, she will expose you to the endemic injustices in our consumer industries and the uncomfortable history of the textile industry; one which brokered slavery, racism and today's wealth inequality. And how these oppressive systems have bled into the fashion industry and its lack of diversity and equality. She will also reveal how we spend our money and whose pockets it goes into and whose it doesn't (clue: the people who do the actual work) and will tell her story of how she came to learn the truth.

In the second 'unlearning' half of the book, she will help you to understand the uncomfortable truth behind why you consume the way you do. She asks you to confront the sense of lack you have, the feeling that you are never quite enough and the reasons why you fill the aching void with consumption rather than compassion. And she makes you challenge this power disparity, and take back ownership of it. The less you buy into the consumer culture the more power you have.

Consumed: The Need for Collective Change; Colonialism, Climate Change & Consumerism will teach you how to be a citizen not a consumer.

Reviews and Endorsements

"Aja Barber has singlehandedly challenged and changed my approach to consumerism and fast fashion. If we have any hope of addressing the fundamental links between fast fashion and catastrophic climate change, Barber's isn't just a voice we should listen to - it is a voice we MUST listen to" ― Clementine Ford

"The fashion industry has pulled the wool over our eyes but with this book Aja rips it off, finds out who made it, pays them back and then convinces you to join her in holding the industry accountable. An accessible, wry and hugely compelling exploration of a culture of exploitation and how, together, we can end it" ― Gina Martin

"A critique on what we buy, how it's made and the systems behind it that make an unfair and broken cycle is coupled with the call to unlearn these practices and challenge the feelings of satisfaction that come with them" ― New York Times

About the Author(s)

Aja Barber is a hugely influential voice and one that you will be hearing a lot more from. She is passionate about racial justice and exposing endemic injustices in our consumer and fashion industries. She has pledged to never take a dollar from fast fashion.

She is no stranger to campaigning for change. Her Instagram video 'Why Performative Allyship is Triggering', which called out brands and influencers for monetising the Black Lives Matter movement, has accumulated over one million views. The video also put a spotlight on the disparity between fast fashion brand billionaires and their unpaid factory workers during the Covid-19 economic downturn.

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