Body Language

Author(s) : David Cohen

Body Language

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  • Publisher : Sheldon Press
  • Published : 2007
  • Category :
    Popular Psychology
  • Catalogue No : 26379
  • ISBN 13 : 9781847090034
  • ISBN 10 : 1847090036

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What others say is not always what they think or feel. But, people's gestures do give away their true intentions, and, for those who know how to read it, the body speaks volumes. This book is a tried and trusted tool to help you interpret other people's signals correctly, and how to understand what is really being said.This book, packed with the latest research and with detailed illustrations, has a strong focus on personal relationships and shows: how to make a positive impression on others; how to interview and negotiate successfully; how to bond quickly and get others to co-operate; how to tell if someone is lying; how to read between the lines of what is said; how to use body language to get what you want; and, how to recognize love-signs and power-plays."Body Language" adds a new dimension to human communication. It is a must for face-to-face interaction!

About the Author(s)

David Cohen is a prolific writer and film-maker, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. He trained as a psychologist and set up Psychology News as a magazine which has since become a film and TV production company.

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