John K. Pearson

John K. Pearson enjoyed a 30-year career in research with Royal Dutch Shell, including two European assignments. Since his early retirement from Shell, John has been an air quality consultant to industry, working on the development of emissions inventories and exploring air quality opportunities, as well as encouraging research councils to promote user applied science. He is the author of the book Improving Air Quality, published in 2001, which builds upon his experience in both Europe and the United States on energy companies, motor manufacturers and legislators working together. .

Air Pollution and Climate Change: The Basics

Air Pollution and Climate Change: The Basics

by John K. Pearson, Richard Derwent

  • Paperback £16.99

This book identifies four key forms of air pollution: indoor, urban, regional and global. It discusses how these four types of pollution are manifest in today's society and examines the scientific... (more)

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