Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 6 Number 1 & 2

Author(s) : David E. Scharff

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China: Volume 6 Number 1 & 2

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David E. Scharff

Transformative moments in an online China child therapy teaching journey
Caroline M. Sehon, Chiung-Hsuan Huang, and Xiaoyi Zhou

On a theory of self-structure–Part 1: the nature of narcissism
Jie Zhong

Healing attitudes in contagious times: the experience of practicing psychotherapy in China during the pandemic
Chenghou Cai and Heyong Shen

Evaluation and treatment of the family of a twelve-year-old boy
Wu Xiaowei, Xie Beili, David E. Scharff, Jill Savege Scharff, and Janine Wanlass

Section One: Clinical Considerations
Special sections on philosophy and psychoanalysis by faculty and graduate students at the Department of Psychology, Tongji University
Ju Fei and Liu Zixiao, guest co-editors

Dual evidence: a perspective on the methodology of reading clinical materials—a concurrent commentary on “après-coup”
Ju Fei

Research on “hollow disease” of Chinese university students based on the perspective of logotherapy
Chen Xuri

Discussion on pathological diagnosis of psychoanalysis and psychiatry: bipolar disorder as an example
Lu Zijuan

Section Two: Research Articles
Introductions to the articles
Ju Fei and Liu Zixiao, guest co-editors

The sense-making of social motor competence in autism spectrum disorder
He Jianqing

Kant and Freud on the restriction of the subject
Yang Jin

A paradigm of wholeness: an analysis of Lacan’s concepts of “writing” and “picture”
Wang Mingrui

Les précieuses and Liu Rushi
Wang Runchenxi

Link and “Ren Lun”, transitional and “Zhong Yong”: a discussion of “Fairbairn, Pichon Rivière, and the future of psychoanalysis in China” by David E. Scharff
Liu Zixiao

The other and gender identity: a contemporary feminist commentary on psychoanalysis
Yong Xie

The otherness and unconscious elements in a neo-phenomenological theory of subject
Yan Yuhui

The psychoanalytic unconscious and Buddhist unconscious (alaya-consciousness)
Xu Xianjun

Book Reviews
"Anxious China: Inner Revolution and Politics of Psychotherapy" by Li Zhang
Reviewed by Mi Shuxian
Reviewed by Guo Dong

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